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Feature Pilot: Captain Adrian Cormier

Did you know we have over 120 BC Coast Pilots currently working on our waters? Each of them has a deep background in the marine transportation industry and work hard to ensure our coast remains safe for everyone to enjoy. We want to highlight the work done by these dedicated Pilots and shine a light on the people behind the safe movement of ships in and out of our ports every day.

Meet Captain Adrian Cormier! He grew up on the East coast of Canada in Margaree on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia before moving to BC. He worked on a variety of jobs on the BC coast to obtain the local knowledge needed to become a pilot. He currently is based out of Vancouver and has been working in the marine industry for the past 20 years.                                                                        

His first paid marine position was as a deck cadet with Stolt Tankers in 1990. He worked on a chemical tanker that visited ports around the world! With so many memories from his time working on the water, it was hard to choose a favourite, but Captain Cormier most enjoyed those deep sea trips where they circumnavigated the globe.

Captain Cormier became an Apprentice Pilot with the BC Coast Pilots in November 2015 and has most enjoyed travelling up and down the coast with all sorts of different vessels and crews. Summing up his experiences, Captain Cormier said, “There is a lot of satisfaction in getting your ship to its destination safely.”

Captain Cormier Boarding Off Triple Island

A Pilot’s job is not your typical 9-5. Since the shipping industry operates at all times of the day, 365 days a year, pilots must too. Captain Cormier noted that as a safety measure, there are regulations in place to ensure pilots are not fatigued while on the bridge during long journeys by requiring two pilots on board for any voyage exceeding eight consecutive hours.

Captain Cormier outbound from Prince Rupert

When not on assignment, Captain Cormier enjoys books, music, cooking, the beautiful outdoors and getting to enjoy the seas with much smaller, recreational crafts!Something Captain Cormier hopes people would know more about when it comes to pilots is the important role we play in marine safety on the B.C. coast. “We are a hands-on resource ensuring ships move safely and efficiently in local waters.”

We are lucky to have dedicated mariners like Captain Cormier working hard to protect our coast!