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The Pilotage Act, under the Canadian Transportation Act, requires pilotage service for Canada’s coasts

Marine pilots across Canada are required to operate by the Pilotage Act, but it’s important that we operate separately from industry to make sure we’re providing unbiased service that focuses only on the safe, efficient and effective movement of ships, while working to protect the environment of the coast we love.

Four Pilotage Authorities

There are four different Pilotage Authorities in Canada who work hard to protect every inch of the country’s coast and inland waters. Together, the Atlantic, St. Lawrence, Great Lakes and Pacific Pilotage Authority are served by over 400 working marine pilots across Canada. Each waterway is unique, and each Authority relies on local knowledge to provide smooth pilotage service for its responsible area. They may do this by hiring their own employee pilots, or by contracting with a private company for the pilotage services. 

International Presence

All Canadian marine pilots are also represented nationally through the Canadian Marine Pilots Association, who fosters public awareness of the role of marine pilots in protecting public safety and the environment, and to work with other marine stakeholders to ensure a vibrant and healthy marine sector.
Serving BC’s Shipping Industry, Protecting BC’s Coastal Legacy