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Environmental Protection
On every ship and every trip, we remain stewards of the waterways.
Embracing New Technology
By applying leading edge innovation, we safely move large vessels.
Economic Engine
Efficiently moving goods and people, we expertly guide ships in and out of our harbours.
Our Mission
BC Pilots have been in the business of keeping 15,000 miles of the province’s waters safe since the mid-1800’s and have an exceptional safety record and provide independent service to every company across the shipping industry.
Our Mandate
From Alaska to the southern Canadian border, under the Pilotage Act, we are mandated to board and guide any foreign ship coming in or out of BC’s ports for safety, efficiency and environmental protection.

Who are the Coast Pilots?


When we are not piloting ships, the BC Coast Pilots also review changes to shipping routes, make recommendations for the protection of marine habitat and evaluate the impacts of proposed new projects.
Environmental Conservation
Learn about Marine Pilots
Project Development
BC Coast Pilots use the latest innovations when it comes to ship movement.
BC Coast Pilots
Miles of Coast
Pilotage Assignments
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BCCP Latest News




Sharing the Water – Recreational and Commercial Vessels

Do you know the ‘rules of the road’ for Canada’s waterways? Spending a day out on the water is the perfect way to enjoy a hot summer day, but if you are planning a marine outing, it is your responsibility to know and follow these rules to keep our waters safe for everyone to enjoy.  



Supporting Another Record-Breaking Cruise Year

Decades ago, a cruise ship may have had the capacity to carry approximately 2,000 passengers. However, since 1995, there has been a trend of cruise ships getting bigger, increasing in length by 27 per cent. Cruise ships now have the capacity to carry over 4,000 tourists.



BC Coast Pilots Responds to Pilotage Act Review

The BC Coast Pilots (BCCP) look forward to continue working with B.C. and Canadian leaders to ensure the best possible pilotage system and rules are adopted, so that environment and marine safety continue to be priorities. “In our view, the 2018 Pilotage Act Review has reinforced the fact that the current Canadian model is in […]


For more information on the BC Coast Pilots, please email us at bccp@bcpilots.com  
For press and media requests, please contact Paul Devries, General Manager of BC Coast Pilots at pbd@bcpilots.com
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BC Coast Pilots compulsory pilotage area

The blue shaded areas indicate where foreign ships are required to take a licensed marine pilot
Red lines show common routes of vessels under pilotage
Grey lines show routes outside of compulsory pilotage areas