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BC Coast Pilots Responds to Pilotage Act Review

The BC Coast Pilots (BCCP) look forward to continue working with B.C. and Canadian leaders to ensure the best possible pilotage system and rules are adopted, so that environment and marine safety continue to be priorities.

“In our view, the 2018 Pilotage Act Review has reinforced the fact that the current Canadian model is in the best interest for British Columbia and Canada, comparing very positively with international practices and public expectations for marine pilotage. This opinion is shared by the independent studies prepared for Transport Canada as part of the Review that assessed issues such as efficiency, price, competition, technology, and the importance of regionalization,” says Captain Roy Haakonson, President, BCCP.

“It is important to remember that British Columbia is home to one of the most pristine and ecologically sensitive marine environments in North America – like the Southern Resident Killer Whales and their habitat – that also acts as one of the nation’s largest commercial gateways for the global economy. Our number one priority as marine pilots is to preserve the marine habitat and the communities that depend upon them and enjoy them while safely moving the large ships traveling to and from our major ports every day, enhancing Canada’s trade. There needs to be a balance between efficient shipping and protecting the backyard of British Columbians, so that our country can continue benefiting from safe and environmentally-responsible trade for decades to come” says Captain Robin Stewart, Vice President, BCCP.

The BCCP understands that the growth of communities across Canada will depend on increasing shipping activity, which in turn demands effective domestic and international marine safety, security and environmental protection regimes. Canadian marine pilots’ expertise protects both local interests and the country as a whole. BCCP currently enjoys a pilotage system that puts safety and the environment first, listening to the input and knowledge of First Nations, communities and the industries along the coast that have the privilege of calling home.

Job of a Pilot

The three critical parts of a marine pilot’s job are to:

  1. Ensure safe marine transportation through expert navigation
  2. Be an environmental steward and protect the coastline
  3. Provide independent service to meet the needs of shippers, as required by the Canadian Transportation Act, free from commercial pressures. There are over 118 marine pilots who respond to 12,300 pilotage assignments each year.

See our full recommendations in Response to the Pilotage Act Review

About the BCCP

BCCP have been dedicated to keeping 15,000 miles of the province’s waters safe since the mid-1800s and have an exceptional safety record and provide independent, un-biased service to every company across the shipping industry. From Alaska to the Southern Canadian border, under the current Pilotage Act, we are mandated to board and guide any foreign ship coming in or out of B.C.’s ports for safety, efficiency and environmental protection.