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New recommendations for Active Pass and Porlier Pass

Every time a BC Coast Pilot boards a vessel, they utilize a lifetime of knowledge to make important decisions that keep navigation and our coastlines safe. A Pilot’s judgement includes consideration of vessel performance, regulatory requirements, and local conditions which when combined with experience shapes how to best guide a vessel through BC’s waterways. Canadian legislation is designed to bring about environmental protection and the safety of marine transportation. Compulsory marine pilotage is among the most important provisions within this legislation where it ensures that expert, Canadian mariners are always at the helm – in real time – ensuring safe navigation. BC Coast Pilots proudly work with individuals, industry and communities as well as regional and national organizations to foster appreciation of marine navigation, especially where this contributes to environmental protection in local waters.

Recently, a small piloted vessel transited Active Pass, a route determined to be the best and safest course by the Pilot when taking all factors available at that time into consideration. Active Pass is within a compulsory pilotage area and remains a safe and legitimate route for appropriately sized vessels and cargoes. Having said that, the use of Active Pass has been in steady decline over the years with evolving practices shifting certain vessel traffic to other routes. With heightened concern expressed about the route, and in collaboration with the Pacific Pilotage Authority, Pilots are in the process of reviewing the practice of transiting Active Pass and Porlier Pass, a similar route transited only by a small number of piloted vessels.

Pilots live and work on BC’s coast and care deeply about the protection of our waters and the health and safety of our communities, coastline and marine habitats. Every day Pilots dedicate themselves to the highest standards of conduct, keeping ships and goods moving safely and efficiently. We are also dedicated to ensuring that we maintain the confidence of the public and evolving our practices wherever this represents sound navigation and professionalism.



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