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As you may be aware, Pilotage is required within Compulsory Pilotage Areas on vessels by the Pilotage Act and under the Canadian Transportation Act. From Alaska to the southern Canadian border, under the Pilotage Act, the BC Coast Pilots board and guide foreign ships coming in or out of BC’s ports to ensure safe movement of ships through expert local knowledge and experience for public safety and the protection of the environment.

Amid global health concerns over the COVID-19, marine workforce has had their daily routines and work styles impacted, as it is for most people and organizations throughout Canada. Guided by advice from health professionals, we are committed to providing our essential services to keep Canada supply chain moving. Our professionalism ensures goods are delivered safely and with minimal impact on our environment.

This pandemic is an evolving situation and as such BC Coast Pilots continue to adjust operational procedures as required, in order to maintain this essential service. To date, our Pilots who have returned recently from abroad are taking a 14-day quarantine before returning to work.

Pilot finishing his 14th day of isolation after returning from abroad                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

All Pilots actively self-monitor and self-isolate to ensure they remain healthy. Together with our industry partners, Pilots ensure the interior surfaces of transportation used to get to and from ships (helicopters, water taxis, ground transportation, etc.) are clean and have been wiped with disinfectant before each trip. Before boarding, Pilots wear protective masks and gloves which are kept on until the assignment is complete. Pilots also ensure the bridge of the ship has been disinfected and the Master and crew members keep a social distance while at work as much as possible.

On the bridge of MV Fabulous.

Hand sanitizers are carried by Pilots and used after touching or using any other parts that are commonly used and that may have been touched by ship crew. Any Pilot that experiences symptoms related to COVI-19 stay home and self-isolate as recommended by the medical profession. As we help move foreign vessels, our Pilots are taking extra precaution to ensure their health and those of their colleagues, families and general public are not in jeopardy.

Pilot on Helijet

Being key players in the flow of commerce by sea, measures have been implemented to ensure safety of goods, the people, and marine environments remain uncompromising.