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BC Coast Pilots: Keeping the Global Supply Chain Moving

The BC Coast Pilots continue to enhance global trade through Pilotage on the west coast. In these challenging times, trade by sea remains essential and a more efficient way to keep the global supply chain moving. Pilots are working around the clock despite the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the flow of critical goods in Canada and globally. The BC Coast Pilots move all foreign ships coming in or out of BC’s ports for environmental protection, safety, and efficiency. To better share what Pilots are doing now, check out these great shots!

One Competence, inbound to discharge at Prince Rupert Fairview, a 316m container ship with a nearly full load of 8110 TEU (Twenty-foot equivalent units) of supplies from Korea and China.
Cape Leonids inbound journey to load coal at Ridley Island Coal
Soma Maru outbound journey loaded with coal from Ridley Island Coal
The Aquagemini being followed by the Astrea SB under the moon in Trincomali Channel
LPG tanker Capricorn departing Ridley Island in Prince Rupert.
Marathassa at anchorage in Prince Rupert harbour
Federal Osaka en route to Neptune Terminals on her maiden voyage, where she will be loaded with 58000T of quality Canadian potash.
Ever Summit outbound in First Narrows early morning.
Zim Chicago on an outbound journey approaching pilot station in Victoria at 0600 in the morning.
Hong Kong flagged Panamax bulker GH Glory from Prince Rupert anchorage into Ridley Island.

As we all continue to work hard to keep Canada’s supply chain moving, we hope that everyone is staying healthy and are doing their part to fight COVID-19. For more BC Coast Pilots updates please follow us on Twitter here and on Facebook here.